Nice song, shame about the 80′s hair

When I was a kid it was all the rage to make fun of the fashion from the 1970′s.  Looking back at those days now though, it is clear we had no business claiming fashion superiority over anybody!  It isn’t so much that the 80′s is the decade that fashion forgot as much as the decade is busy burning the negatives.

Fashion disasters from the 80′s weren’t  just evident in the clothing of the time.  Nope, 80′s bad fashion went from head to toe starting with the hair. In some ways, it is good to know that even the most talented of 80′s musicians fell just as much (if not more) victim to bad 80′s hair.

Even those that put out some pretty great tunes still managed to rock the mic while sporting hair that bordered on circus freak.

Hold back the giggles and check out these  fine examples of good  80′s bands with bad 80′s hair.

Thompson Twins – We Are Detective

The Thompson Twins are such a good example of bad 80′s hair because they give us not only one bad 80′s hairstyle but three. Which exact dodgy style they are sporting in their 80′s music videos changes with each song.

I picked We Are Detective to show off their 80′s hair disasters mostly because of the hair that Alannah Currie has going on. It is actually fairly impressive how she has managed to keep her hat on and still have that puff of fluffy permed bleached blonde hair dominate her look.

Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer

Is this not 1980′s male poodle hair in the finest form? Yes, it is a good song and a karoke classic but when I think of Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer I can’t stop the visions of that fluffy helmet of hair flashing in my head. It has to be said, not helped by the fringey coat.

What is even more amazing about this poodle-do from the 80′s is that when Bon Jovi were sporting the look it was considered manly!

Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

One of my earliest memories of music videos comes in the form of We’re Not Going To Take It from Twisted Sister.  All of the slightly older kids were so very into the song when it came out and even more enthralled by the the video. Not all that many people actually had MTV at that time but yet everybody had seen the video.

Ever since those days, it has been hard to shake the shock horror that came with Dee Snider’s hair.  At least he gets some credit for it being obviously theatrical.  Not nearly as bad as when years later Christina Aguilera borrowed the same hair style for the Moulin Rouge video.

On a useless trivia side note, the teenager in this video is a young Jermey Sisto. Six Feet Under fans will know him as the actor that played Billy though he has been in numerous other shows.

A Flock Of Seagulls – Space Age Love Song

I love love love this song!  It doesn’t excuse the A Flock Of Seagulls hair though!  Anybody with any memory of the outrageous hairstyles amongst 80′s bands had to know that A Flock Of Seagulls would show up near the top of this list.

Perhaps the worse thing about the band having such silly haircuts is that it managed to mask the fact that they were actually a darn good band.  Try to watch the video and see for yourself how difficult it is to fully listen to the song itself without being distracted by the car crash hair.

You have to wonder if the bad 80′s hair that got them so much attention was actually somewhat responsible for their lack of staying power.

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